Rules in the network

Designed to ensure optimal operation of the network and its services, reduce the number of failures, and improve its safety. The rules apply to all persons and all organizations using any computers, computing and communication systems of JINR and organizations connected to the JINR computer network

The JINR Network Service

Optical Backbone

The local computer network of JINR consists of a clearly expressed transport backbone of optical backbone and access networks. Access networks at JINR are user networks of scientific and administrative units. Access networks are administered and developed under the supervision of the relevant personnel of the units.

User registration

All JINR staff members and seconded personnel using network and computer resources must be registered with the LIT Network Service of JINR.

External channels

The external optical telecommunication channel uses 10Gbps Ethernet over DWDM approach, when Ethernet data frames are transmitted by the DWDM (Dense Wave Division Multiplexing) technology signal.

JINR network infrastructure

The JINR network infrastructure consists of the following components: The external JINR-Moscow optical telecommunication data channel; The JINR Local Backbone Network; The Local Networks of the JINR divisions.

City networks

The interworking with city networks is organized on the basis of the traffic exchange node DBN-IX. The local network of the Institute has direct connections at speeds


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