JINR external communication channels

An external optical telecommunication channel uses DWDM technology for data transmission. Ethernet frames are transmitted through DWDM (Dense Wave Division Multiplexing) carrier signals. The most attractive feature of DWDM technology in comparison with traditional optical technologies, in which one optical fiber is transmitted only one digital signal, is the parallel transmission of multiple digital signals over the same optical fiber.

To implement this scheme, the digital stream is cut into parts and transmitted over a number of optical channels , called lambdas (λ). The modern level of DWDM technology allows transmission up to 160 λ. Each λ in one optical fiber has its own frequency, so there is no overlapping λ in frequency, there is no of data distortion.

Optical equipment from Nortel Systems (Canada) was installed at three points of the JINR-Moscow data channel: at the LIT JINR central telecommunications center, at the intermediate point of the optical highway (Radishchevo settlement), at the Moscow International Exchange (Moscow Internet Exchange) Site Internet. This equipment operates with 2λ equal to 10 Gbit/s. and 1λ to 100 Gbit/s. While the equipment for work with two λ-s is purchased. Thus, the capacity of the optical telecommunication channel of JINR is 120 Gbit/s.

Data links between JINR's IT infrastructure and external scientific networks, partners and clients.

  1. The external superimposed network LHCOPN (JINR-CERN) passing through MGTS-9 in Moscow, Budapest, Amsterdam, is for communication of the Tier-0 (CERN) and Tier-1 (JINR) centers, while the external superimposed network LHCONE , passing the same route, is intended for communication of the Tier-2 system of JINR.
  2. Direct channels are for RU-VRF communication with the collaboration of scientific centers RUHEP: Gatchina, SIC Kurchatov Institute, Protvino; With networks Runnet, RASnet.
  3. The external superimposed network Dubna-IX is the way of data exchange for Dubna Internet providers and their customers.