JINR Network Rules

Designed to ensure optimal operation of the network and its services, reduce the number of failures, and improve its safety. The rules apply to all persons and all organizations using any computers, computing and communication systems of JINR and organizations connected to the JINR computer network

Registration of JINR Network Users

All JINR staff members and visiting specialists using network and computer resources have to be registered with the JINR Network Services in LIT.

Register an E-mail address

JINR staff members can get an e-mail account as on the mail server of their laboratory (domain @xxx.jinr.ru) well as on the JINR central mail server mail.jinr.ru (domain @jinr.ru).

  1. To obtain an account on a lab server, you should contact your system administrator (see list).

  2. To obtain an account on the mail.jinr.ru server, you need to visit the JINR Network Service (Room 200 in LIT, tel. 216-34-88).
For more information call 216-34-88 or mail to noc@jinr.ru .