Services: Remote Access

The Regulation "On Remote Access to the JINR Computer Network

    The remote access service to the JINR network is designed to provide JINR's scientific and technical personnel with access to the computing and computer resources of the JINR network from the home, as well as to the external channel.

  • Remote access service is provided:
    • to (for) Permanent staff of JINR, as well as to seconded staff for work at JINR for a period of more than three months;
    • to employees who, by their activities, use computer equipment in their daily work and have the necessary knowledge of security when working with the Internet;

  • The JINR LIT Service is responsible for the provision and technical support of the remote access service to the JINR network. All equipment for remote access to the JINR network should be managed by the Network Service. All users are registered in the Network Service.
  • Each type of access has its own restrictions on the amount of downloaded information, bandwidth, duration of the session, a set of available services and security rules.
  • The total bandwidth of the access channel of all remote connections to the JINR network is fixed at a certain technically adjusted rate (10 Mb / s or 100 mbps) to prevent network congestion.
  • It is strictly forbidden for JINR staff to install any remote access equipment to the network - modems for dial-up and leased lines, DSL equipment, radio and other types of wireless access at workplaces at JINR. Installation of such equipment for its use on the territory of JINR should be previously agreed with the Network Service.
  • If a violation of the "Security rules for users of the remote access service" (Appendix 2) or "Rules of Operation in the Computing Network of JINR" the user account is blocked, and the incident is to be investigated by the employees of the JINR Network Service. The procedure for disabling and enabling the user account is described in Appendix 2.
  • The user independently solves the task of configuring a remote access connection on his computer. To resolve problems when receiving / transmitting data, the user accesses the support of his network provider. The Network service of JINR in LIT is not engaged in setting up connections, but only performs registration and ensures the serviceability of the service. In case of problems, a specific user communicates with the technical support service of his provider. Elimination of possible large-scale problems will be achieved through the interaction of JINR's technical services and the network providers of Dubna.
  • The LIT JINR Network Service is not responsible for the speed and quality of communication of the link between the user apartment and the JINR network equipment.