Services: IP Telephony

General information of IP-telephony (VoIP) Service

    Since 2011, JINR staff has been offered to use IP-telephony (VoIP) service - voice data transmission - through the local network and the Internet. The service is built on the SIP protocol. As the "telephone" is a program installed on the computer (SIP-client) or a special telephone that supports the SIP protocol and is connected to a computer network. The voice is digitized and transmitted via the Internet in the form of data, hence - the parties do not pay for the minutes of the conversation, but only for the Internet connection.

    The IP telephony service uses a 4-digit numeric numbering, each SIP account has an internal number. The numbers are not linked with numbers of traditional telephony. An employee can receive more than one account. Access to the service is authorized by login / password and is provided INDEPENDENTLY from the point of entry into the Internet. That means one can connect to the service from anywhere, from the office network, from the city networks of TMPK, from the external Internet.

    The service is designed for voice calls from an internal to:

      - internal number;
      - ATS-6 numbers;
      - Dubna numbers;
      - Moscow numbers;
      - any intercity (privileged mode).

    Calling an extension number can be proceeded:
      - from any extension number;
      - from the SIPNET network, through a common JINR number and a subset of the internal one;
      - through a number of ATS-6 range with a subset of internal.

    The most popular options for using the service
      - while on a business trip, one can call the working numbers at JINR or city numbers in Dubna;
      - install and use VoIP devices in rooms where there is Internet access, but there are no lines of traditional telephony.

    To receive an account, you need to send an application to, pointing the name and the laboratory. The application is to be sent from the business email address (,