Other services

    The DNS server in JINR network

    Since May 25, 1998, the DNS server ns1.jinr.ru ( has enabled automatic generation of the DNS database from the IPDB IP address distribution database. In this regard, the request to system administrators of laboratories to bring IPDB information about their networks in accordance with the actual situation (MX-records and CNAME's).

    Server IP address Hostname
    Main ns1.jinr.ru
    Optional ns2.jinr.ru
    University ns.uni-dubna.ru
    Other units Contact your system administrator

    When configuring the network software, it is recommended to specify the DNS server of your laboratory as the primary DNS server, and the additional server is (ns1.jinr.ru).

    JINR users have access to the caching proxy server proxy.jinr.ru port 3128

    It can be used:

    a) to access the Official website of the electronic library https://noc.jinr.ru/en/registry/biblio.php

    b) to access a wide site with non-routable corporate addresses 192.168. (for example, with relatives firmware upgrade equipment).

    For more information, please send a request to noc@jinr.ru

    NTP Time Synchronization Service

    Server 1159.93.14.110
    Server 2159.93.14.35
    Server 3159.93.17.40

    For more information, please contact noc@jinr.ru