Rules in the network

Designed to ensure optimal operation of the network and its services, reduce the number of failures, and improve its safety. The rules apply to all persons and all organizations using any computers, computing and communication systems of JINR and organizations connected to the JINR computer network

The procedure for registering users of the remote access node

Employees of the Institute wishing to become users of the remote access node are registered with the Network Service of JINR.

  • An employee of the Institute should become a registered user of the JINR Computing Network:

    • -You need to call the Duty Network Service Manager of JINR (phone 216-34-88) and check the availability of your registration record in the IPDB Institute Database. If there is a discrepancy between the existing user data and the current information, you must provide new information.

      - If there is no registration, see Registration of the user of the JINR network..

  • Download and fill out the "Remote Access Site User Registration Card". You need to obtain the following signatures:

  • To obtain information about your account on the remote access node, the user has to:

      - Have a valid e-mail address in the domain @ JINR.Ru.

      - Personally visit the JINR Network Service on a working day from 10:00 to 17:00 and meet the Administrator of the remote access site.

      - Registration without a personal presence is possible only for employees of the Institute of the level of the Deputy Director of the Laboratory or Division and above, and also in case of personal agreement between an employee of the Institute and the System Administrator of the same Laboratory or Division; while the user's functions are performed by the System Administrator of the Laboratory or the Division.