Rules in the network

Designed to ensure optimal operation of the network and its services, reduce the number of failures, and improve its safety. The rules apply to all persons and all organizations using any computers, computing and communication systems of JINR and organizations connected to the JINR computer network

Registration of computers and network elements

Connecting to the JINR LAN

  1. Physical connection.
    It is carried out by those responsible in the laboratories, in accordance with the network service of JINR.
    Contact the responsible person in your laboratory to explore the connectivity issue.

  2. It is necessary to be a registered user of the JINR network.
  3. Fill in the questionnaire for the connection of the network element in accordance with the rules of filling.
    The application form (Word 97, LJ) and the filling rules (Word 97, LJ) can be downloaded from the server or obtained from operators in the network service (LIT room 216).
  4. Provide the network service with your questionnaire (LIT, room 216) (LIT users only). Users of FLNP, BLTP, FLNR, LHE, LPP, DLNP Laboratories and the JINR Administration Office give questionnaires responsible systems administrators in their laboratories.
  5. All network details, such as IP address and host name, are issued to the users upon receipt of the questionnaire.
  6. The MAC address is a unique address stitched in the network card and looks like 6 hexadecimal numbers. It is written through a dash, a colon or a solid text. For example, 00-11-22-33-44-55, 00: 11: 22: 33: 44: 55 or 001122334455

    How to find the MAC address in different operating systems:

    FreeBSD/Linux -ifconfig -a command , ether field

    Win9x/NT/2k - the command ipconfig /all, the Physical address field

    In DOS - run the corresponding packet driver or a configuration program from a floppy disk or CDROM, attached to the network card.

For all problems, contact the Network Service.
Phone: 216-34-88.