Rules in the network

Designed to ensure optimal operation of the network and its services, reduce the number of failures, and improve its safety. The rules apply to all persons and all organizations using any computers, computing and communication systems of JINR and organizations connected to the JINR computer network

Rules of work in JINR computer network

    General Provisions

      1.1. The rules of operation in JINR computer network (hereinafter the Rules) are designed to ensure optimal operation of the network and its services, reduce the number of failures, and improve its safety.
      1.2. The rules apply to all persons and all organizations using any computers, computing and communication systems of JINR and organizations connected to the JINR computer network.
      1.3. The terms used in the Rules are underlined and described in the Appendix.

    How to use network resources

      2.1. All network elements should be used only for purposes that correspond to the JINR scientific activities included in the JINR thematic plan, except in the cases specified.
      2.2. Any access to public equipment is allowed only for registered users. Disconnecting the power supply of public equipment is allowed only in emergency situations (fire, smoke from equipment, flooding equipment with water, etc.), i.e. In the cases provided by the current JINR instructions.
      2.3. It is prohibited to use any element of the JINR network:
      2.3.1. For organizing unauthorized access to JINR network resources, other networks and the Internet;
      2.3.2. For the storage and distribution of licensed information, licensed software, as well as materials protected by copyright, without having a corresponding license for this.

    Rights and duties of the network service (NOC) of JINR.

      3.1. The network service is obliged to:
      3.1.1. Constantly monitor the functioning of the JINR network and take the actions necessary to maintain the network's operability, as well as quickly restore its operation in case of accidents and damage;
      3.1.2. Plan the development of the network and carry out work aimed at optimizing it;
      3.1.3. Ensure network security and investigate cases of its violation;
      3.1.4. Support databases: registration, network elements, statistical;
      3.1.5. Register network users and network elements;
      3.1.6. Advise network users;
      3.1.7. Collect and process statistical information on the operation of the network and provide reports at the request of the LIT and JINR Directorate;
      3.1.8. Coordinate the work of the network services of JINR Laboratories and units;
      3.1.9. To petition the LIT and JINR Directorate to apply sanctions to violators of these rules.

    3.2. The JINR network service has the rights:

      3.2.1. Request and receive any information concerning the network and network resources of JINR from users, network services of laboratories, departments and organizations that have a connection to the JINR network;
      3.2.2. Collect any necessary information about the operation of the network for statistical purposes, as well as to maintain network security;
      3.2.3. Control network elements and the network services they support by their level of protection;
      3.2.4. Disable immediately from access from the Internet, with the notification of the responsible person, network element or network service that has not passed the control; Disconnect from the JINR LAN any network element with subsequent notification of the system administrator of the division or refuse to register user of the network in case of failure to comply with these Rules, resulting in a violation of security or functionality of the JINR network, its elements and services.

    Re-activation of the network element or network service is performed after elimination of the cause of disconnect and requesting in written form by the Head of Division, Laboratory, or Organization having an access to the JINR network.

    4. Procedure for registration and work of users of the JINR network.

      4.1. Any JINR employee, having at their disposal a computer system with network support, shall be entitled to:
      4.1.1. the inclusion of this system in JINR network in accordance with the Procedure of the registration, connection and operation of network elements;
      4.1.2. to work on the equipment for common use, subject to these Rules;
      4.1.3. privileged to use the resources of the JINR network with the appropriate permissions.
      4.2. The User is obliged:
      4.2.1. Have the knowledge necessary to work in the network and on computers included in the JINR network;
      4.2.2. Register in the database of the JINR Network Service by filling in and signing the Registration Form of the user of the JINR computer network (see Appendix);
      4.2.3. Before connecting the network element to the JINR network, contact the JINR network service, fill in and sign the Registration Form for connecting the network element to the JINR network (see Appendix);
      4.2.4. Report to the JINR network service any changes in the registration data, both the user himself/herself and his/her network elements;
      4.2.5. Use access to computers and the JINR network only for the purposes specified in clause 2.1;
      4.2.6. Follow instructions and recommendations of the JINR subdivisions network services staff, as well as the JINR network service;
      4.2.7. Take care of public equipment;
      4.2.8. Keep your password in secret and apply all available means to protect your account information (passwords, preferred login names, etc.) and your data from unauthorized access;
      4.2.9. Use complex passwords;
      4.2.10. To consider the data with which he/she works on the network and on JINR computers as confidential, and to restrict access to these data by unauthorized persons;
      4.2.11. To report to the JINR network service about every attempt of unauthorized access to the network or to elements of the JINR network that it has become known about and violations of these Rules.
      4.3. The user is prohibited from:
      4.3.1. Use the JINR resources provided to him/her for unauthorized access to information of other users;
      4.3.2. Turn off and switch on any computer and network equipment of general use and change external connections of such equipment;
      4.3.3. Distribute the license information without the relevant rights;
      4.3.4. Use telecommunication channels to listen and view in real time entertainment information (computer games, video clips, conversations on abstract topics, etc.).

    The user is responsible for all activities he/she performed when working in the JINR network. In determining the responsibility of the user it does not matter whether intentionally or unintentionally the user performed these actions, understood or did not understand the meaning of the actions he/she performed.

    5. The order of registration, connection and operation of network elements.

      5.1. Each network element connected to the JINR network must meet the following requirements:
      5.1.1. To have a working standard connection to the network in accordance with international ITU / IEEE recommendations;
      5.1.2. Be registered in the database of the JINR network service for a certain responsible person;
      5.1.3. The user's network element can not support routing or forwarding functions of network packets, except in specially stipulated cases;
      5.1.4. The installed network services should not contradict the central network services of the JINR network service and do not interfere with the proper operation of the network.
      5.2. Only specially registered network elements describing the supported network services have the ability to access from the Internet. The network service not described will not have access from the Internet. To the undescribed is equated a network service that does not have sufficient level of security or does not pass control over network security.

      1. The Terms in use.
      1.1. Network Elements
      1.1.1. The physical transport media of the JINR LAN, consisting of cable backbones, hubs, switches, routers using Ethernet technology in its various modifications: BNC (thin Ethernet), UTP (twisted pair), FOIRL (fiber-optic communication lines). The topology of the JINR network is a star with a central reference segment - backbone and segments in JINR subdivisions (laboratories, administration and others). Laboratories contain their supporting segments and their rays.
      1.1.2. External communications are communication channels used to link the JINR network with other organizations and the Internet community.
      1.1.3. Network servers are computers on which network services operate: DNS, mail, news, www, ftp and other public services. This also includes the services of file and printer servers of general-purpose significance. All JINR subdivisions have their own local services, similar to those listed above, intended for use within the division.
      1.1.4. Network computers and network users’ workstations are all computers included in the JINR network that run programs that use network resources.
      1.2. Network services - special programs that run on network servers, designed to provide network services to network users (WWW, Email, news, FTP, etc.).
      1.3. Users of the network are JINR staff members, as well as organizations included in the JINR network, working on network computers and workstations and using network services and network server resources.
      1.4. JINR network service, the JINR Network Operation Center, is a division of the JINR Laboratory of Information Technology, designed to manage the operation of the JINR network, to monitor the use of network resources, to maintain the security regime, to register and consult network users. JINR subdivisions may have their own network services that control compliance with these Rules, as well as rules in their subdivisions agreed with the JINR network service and not contradicting these Rules.
      1.5. Equipment for general use - multi-user computer systems, as well as systems and network devices for general use.
      2. Registration form of the user of the JINR computer network.
      3. Registration form for connecting the network element to the JINR network.