WEBMAIL - Frequently Asked Questions.

    1. Why does the address book not imported in CSV format?

      In the case where there are Russian letters in the address book, the file must be converted to UTF-8 encoding. If you do not know how to do this, send the file by the application to the address, we will re-encode it and make the import.

    2. How do I add / remove columns in the message list?

      In the headers of the message list, (by default to the left of the TOPIC header) is the gear icon. Click, opens a list of columns, where you can select which columns to display and to change the order of the columns, you need to hover the mouse on the header field (Subject / Date / From / To), hold down the left mouse button and drag it to the left or right.

    3. In some cases, when you try to log in to with the choice of a language other than English, an error occurs in the main window. We are working on this problem. As a temporary solution, we suggest setting as the first preferred language for the web pages of your Internet browser: Russian [ru] - if you prefer to work with the Russian interface or any other one according to your preference.
    4. In Mozilla Firefox choose: "Tools" -> "Options" or, depending on the version and modification of the browser - "Edit" -> "Preferences".

      Next: "Content" - Select "Languages" -> "Choose ..." and set:

      In Opera:

      "Menu" -> "Settings" -> "General settings", choose "language" and "Settings", should be something like this